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At DIVINE EQUINE, we believe everyone is a leader. Our equine inspired programs take leaders out of their element and immerse them in experiential leadership development, team engagement and coaching while partnering with the most emotionally intelligent teachers available, the horse, to provide unique learning opportunities for individuals, teams and organizations who want to have a bigger impact in their world.

Lisa Elliott, is an executive coach and experiential leadership development expert. Her passion for the wisdom of horses has evolved into a partnership with her equine team to inspire and help her clientele to create innovative solutions, develop heightened awareness and expand their capacity for personal and professional growth. Lisa has more than 20 years of oil and gas experience in a variety of leadership roles and over the last 6 years she has trained and expanded her expertise in the area of team engagement, leadership development and individual excellence. The common thread she brings to her work is a passion for engaging individuals and groups to look at challenges critically and create new outcomes. She identifies individual and organizational strengths and challenges and provides insights to develop a collaborative leadership culture. In doing so, the organization’s effectiveness and sustainability is enhanced, building capacity for individuals and teams and the communities they serve.

The Team

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Our Philosophy

What you learn is important. What you remember is priceless. As a facilitator and founder of Divine Equine, it is my philosophy to endeavor to be the gardener rather than the sculptor when facilitating workshops and coaching clients. I believe every person is creative, resourceful and whole. The potential of every individual is infinite and the horse, as my partner, has a gift for igniting it within each person.

Winston Churchill is quoted as saying the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.

Thankfully, science has substantiated this observation and feeling that inspired Mr. Churchill’s opinion. From the Heart Math Institute to all disciplines of psychology, there is research and evidence that support the positive impact of equine assisted learning and therapeutic programs. Scientific evidence to support the physical calm as well as the emotional awareness and emotional intelligence that is evoked within the participant by the horse is abundant.

During my equine assisted workshops, participants identify with, own and live into their strengths. They begin to communicate and make choices from a place of empowerment. Leadership in their lives takes root and grows stronger with each session through developing effective communication and listening skills. The foundation for empowered living and leading in life.

Horses with their intimidating, large, powerful bodies in conjunction with their sensitive, inquisitive, honest, gentle and incredibly alert dispositions create a natural opportunity for people to improve both their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, grow their confidence, own their impact, experience mindfulness and embody empowerment. Participant feedback always relates wonderful personal insights that they have transferred to interactions beyond the workshop when they are handling other intimidating and challenging situations in life.

In addition to all of the gifts in our personalities, horses, without judging, also reveal the hidden dynamics and shadows of our personalities. Participants quickly learn how their behavior, both individually as a team member, impacts their equine partner. It’s an authentic identification of individual and group dynamics that may or may not be observed day-to-day. The horse can discern and give honest feedback, as they know no other way.

People, much like horses, look for strong leadership and mutual respect. As respect is only given and reciprocated once there is a strong leader to follow, partnering with horses in individual and team activities gives each individual the chance to learn how to be their version of an authentic leader; a leader that people will follow and trust.

There is much evidence that the more the senses are engaged, the greater the likelihood that new learning will be retained by the student. What you learn is important, however, what you remember is priceless. Working with horses creates a unique memory that causes the participant to remember the training far longer than when sitting in ‘just-­‐‑another-­‐‑classroom’.

“Tell me, I may listen. Teach me, I may remember. Involve me, I will do it.” Chinese philosopher Lao Tse 604 B.C.

What Is Coaching?

In this video, the International Coach Federation (ICF) offers an introduction to professional coaching, and explains the benefits of partnering with a coach to achieve goals.

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