Divinely Equine – Equine Facilitated Coaching Session

A Unique opportunity to partner with horses to give you a chance to explore and give voice to your authentic self and unvoiced dreams. Communication, listening skills, boundaries, empowerment and mindfulness are explored during sessions in partnership with horses and nature.

Horses have a unique, non-judgmental ability to reveal the hidden dynamics of relationship creating an opportunity for growth.


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Full Moon Drumming

Our connection with sound and nature is pivotal for your body, mind and soul.  

The event is 2 hours.  You are welcome to drum along or participate without a drum.  We are hosting drum making workshops in each season.  Please email me for more information and dates.



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Equine Energy and Bodywork

Horses give us so very much of their heart, soul and body.  It is my mission to be a voice for the unvoiced healers on the Earth.  As you benefit from massages, chiropractic and energy work to relieve tension, aches and pains both physically and emotionally, so do our horses.

When you book with me for an energy session or a bodywork session for your horse, I will provide you with feedback on what they share with me.  Horses are experts at living in the moment, however, our world of demands on their body and soul do take their toll.

It is a privilege for me to work with you and horse.  Your heart is in my hands when I am with your horse and I honour this.

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Divine Equine